Dr. Lindsay Rodgers, ND


Dr. Lindsay Rodgers is a naturopathic physician whose practice aims to help patients investigate the underlying biochemical and genetic factors contributing to mental health issues. She practices orthomolecular psychiatry, amino acid therapy, massage, lifestyle counseling, and provides pharmaceutical management as needed. 


Her style is very collaborative, encouraging many of her patients to build a care team consisting of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, body workers, and acupuncturists. Her clinical goals are to give patients hope, balance, and increased well-being. 


Dr. Rodgers, a graduate from the National College of Natural Medicine, also completed a master’s degree in medical research in order to better serve as a medical detective for her patients. As part of her coursework she completed a clinical trial investigating the effect of therapeutic treatments on the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


In her free time she enjoys cooking with friends, practicing yoga, and taking her dog, Josie, to the park.

Lavendula spp, or lavender

Lavendula spp, or lavender