Grace Silvia Headshot.png

Deeply Respectful.
Gentle and Empowering.
Core Transformation.

People are brilliant, creative and holy in how they have survived. Negative patterns often come from these survival strategies. They hold a key to healing. Grace supports people to develop curiosity, compassion and mindfulness in the exploration of their inner and outer worlds. This work draws on body, mind, heart and soul.

Grace has experience supporting people healing through grief; women’s issues; childhood sexual abuse; sexual/gender identity and LGBTQQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Trans/Queer/Questioning) issues; acute and chronic oppression; historical communal trauma; activist burnout; compulsive eating and other addictions; depression; hearing voices; anxiety; mania; and people wanting to reduce or stop taking psychiatric medications. Her practice is client-centered, anti-oppressive and strengths-based.

Grace's Master of Social Work degree is from the University of Washington and she trained for 2½ years through the Hakomi Institute as a body-centered psychotherapist. She also finds Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) respectful and powerful tools. Grace looks to Eduardo Duran's work for inspiration—he is a Native American psychologist who works with his community in ways that validate historical trauma and spirituality. Her work is also informed by having experienced deep depression through which she was able to find profound meaning.

Grace offers a sliding scale option, an activist discount and a 30-minute free initial meeting if you have questions about working together.

Grace can be reached directly at 503-929-0326. Her email is "grace (at sign) amendaclinic (dot) com"


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