Halla Byer, MScN

Halla Byer, MScN


Halla is a holistic nutritionist and reiki master with an open, respectful, and empowered approach to nutritional counseling. She believes in meeting you where you are, trusting your body, and diving passionately into all aspects of self-care.  While working in acute psychiatric healthcare, Halla realized the importance of nutrition in the management of mental health conditions, leading her to the National University of Natural Medicine, where she earned her Masters of Science in Nutrition.

When working with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, AD(H)D, bipolar disorder, psychosis, stress management and body image concerns, Halla draws on many different modalities. With a specialty in Ayurveda, Halla sees each body individually, using constitutional and nutritional medicine with lifestyle adjustments to counter mind-body-spirit imbalances. Halla also uses specific nutritional therapy recommendations to assist with proper amino acid intake, neurotransmitter and hormone production, and gut healing.

Drawing on energy medicine, Halla compassionately navigates the often emotionally charged conversations around one’s relationship with food, body image, and barriers to health. By listening to the story of your body, she can help cultivate an awareness and understanding of your motivations and challenges. With a weight-neutral and size-positive approach, Halla uses the philosophies of Body Trust, Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size to help guide you towards realistic goals, with an emphasis on six pillars of self-care.

Halla hopes to inspire more joy in your kitchen and love towards your body by sharing her passion for nutrition with you. If she’s not in the kitchen mixing medicinal masalas, she’s probably on a yoga mat or enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


“If I am in the longest relationship of my life

isn’t it time to

nurture intimacy

and love

with the person

I lie in bed with each night?”

-Rupi Kaur