Pronouns: They/She

Dr. Vera Alcorn is a dedicated and detail-oriented naturopathic physician with a focus on queer and transgender medicine and integrative mental health. They will meet you where you are and respect your own knowledge of your body. Her goal is to work with you to find what modalities and solutions work for you and your needs whether you are looking for hormonal treatment, herbal medicine, nature cure, mindfulness, or something else. They will work with you collaboratively acting as a guide to empower you in your health. You can expect visits with her to take longer than they would in conventional medicine as she gets to know you as an individual and helps you to craft solutions for yourself.

Some days this practice feels like magic. What they love most about practicing naturopathic medicine is when they follow up with a patient who is so happy that their body feels comfortable to live in. She is inspired by her patients and learns from them every day. In a visit with Dr. Alcorn you might geek out about the cool things bodies do and learn about any physiology or pathology that you are curious about. They have fun practicing naturopathic medicine and hope you can have fun with them.

           Dr. Alcorn began studying alternative medicine in her youth with a practice in energy medicine and qigong. They decided to study naturopathic medicine to be best able to serve LBGTQI2S people and people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. She graduated with her degree in naturopathic medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine and continues her study there in integrative mental health. When they are not working or studying, they can be found knitting, reading, playing video games, or playing with their cats.